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First and foremost, we wish to insure that both you and our kittens are equally well served when we home a kitten or a retired breeder.  Please call us first to discuss your plans and desires for your kitten so we can make sure your expectations will meet their abilities and needs so both of you will have a long and happy relationship.  We wish our cats to be permanent family members in their new homes and to be considered as such from the outset.  If you are not confident that you will want to or be able to keep the kitten for it's entire life, please consider a different companion animal. Cats can form strong bonds and re-homing them years later can be traumatic. We try to selectively breed for individuals which form these strong bonds so you can both have a rewarding relationship.  Please respect our wishes in this and be honest with us when discussing your situation. 



 We base our pricing primarily on the confirmation and coat of each kitten. We then adjust the price based on weather the kitten will be a "Pet-only" companion (to be neutered/spayed) or added to a breeding program. This leaves a lot of room for variation in pricing so we can only give averages. 


For Bengals:

 Breeder Quality with Breeding Rites:  $1,000 to $3,000,  If neutered before leaving our home, $500 to $1,500

Pet-Only:  $350 to $1,000.  Registration papers for these kittens may be available after we receive proof of  the spay/neutering and micro-chipping from your Vet depending on weather or not other kittens in that litter were sold w/ registration papers.

Please see our Kitten Contract below  for details.


For Savannahs:

 We don't expect to be producing any F1's again until be bottle raise a new male Serval (not before 2015). We usually get one litter from our F7 male bred to our F1 girl each spring so we hope to have a few F2's  in early summer. We only kept back one F2 so far  and she also is a spring only breeder.  Please watch our Savannah kittens page to see when litters are expected.  The final price will be determined by how well each kitten reflects the Serval in coat and confirmation and the domestic in temperament.


F2 Females:  $2,500 to $6,000    Males: $2,500 to $3,500     

F3 Females:  $1,500 to $3,000    Males: $ 800 to $1,200   


Please see our Kitten Contract below  for details.


Shipping out of state is by United or Delta airport to airport delivery.  This runs about $275 (it constantly varies so we'll get an exact quote once we have your shipping data).  You're welcome and encouraged to come here to pick up your kitten. This saves the shipping fees but we still need the State Health Certificate ($75) so you can cross state lines with you new kitten.  We can even meet you at the airport (Seattle, SeaTac) with your kitten ready to go so you won't need to rent a car etc. 


To place an order with us, please e-mail  or call us  (360) 435- 2679 Pacific Standard Time.  We must access the suitability of any potential new homes before allowing any of our kittens to leave our home (this sounds imperious but it really is in your best interest as well).  We also need you to sign a kitten contract so there are no misunderstandings concerning breeding rights, etc.  Once you're satisfied with one of our kittens and we're satisfied it is the right fit for you as well as the kitten, we accept payment by either U.S. Postal money orders or Visa, Master Card,  Discover, or  PayPal / Paypal e-check (click on the PayPal banner link below and you'll end up in our PayPal link).    Please mail  Postal money orders to:



Kitten Contract

The following is our normal contract we ask you to sign in advance of receiving a cat or kitten from us.  It serves primarily to let you know upfront what we expect from you as a caretaker of one of our cats as well as let you know what rights you are getting with the purchase of a specific cat or kitten.  Depending on which kitten you choose and what price you pay for it, it may come it's TICA registration allowing you to show it at TICA certified shows, and/or Breeding  rights which allow you to breed it to other TICA registered cats and register the kittens w/ TICA. Or it may be sold as a Pet-Only which means you forgo receiving the TICA registration and agree to neuter it before it reaches  6 months of age. 




                   Breeder/Seller:                 Douglas Dix / Deer Fern Farms - Clouded Leopards

                                                            27610 Whitman Rd

                                                             Arlington, WA 98223

Telex: 360 435 2679                    

                     BUYER :


Phone Number: 


TICA LITTER # _______________________________    Kitten  Name  __________________

BREED ________________ BIRTHDATE:_________  SEX_________

SIRE: __________________    TICA#   ________________

       DAM: __________________    TICA #   _______________


              This cat/kitten comes with breeding rights?  ___  Yes    No  ____

              This cat/kitten comes with Showing  rights? ___  Yes    No  ____

              This cat/kitten is sold as a "Pet-Only" and must be neutered before reaching 6 months old?    ___  Yes    No  ____ 

              All our kittens are placed as exclusively INDOOR ONLY pets/breeders. Buyer guarantees that this kitten or cat will not be allowed to roam outdoors unattended.

Purchase price: $__________     Deposit: (20% of purchase price):   $ __________.  The full deposit will be applied to the purchase price.  Deposits are not refundable as they serve to guarantee that the kitten will be held solely for the buyer while it is being weaned. The balance, including shipping costs if applicable, are due by the kitten's 8th week of age unless other arrangements have been agreed upon in writing by buyer and seller.  Kittens picked up at Deer Fern Farms may be picked up after their 10th week of age for litters with less than 4 kittens in them. Kittens from larger litters or ones that need to be air transported can be picked up after their 11th to 12th week depending on the needs of the kitten. 

Shipping:  Shipping costs include the Airline fee (currently around  $275), cost of the State Veterinary Health Checkup and Certificate (approx. $75) and airline approved shipping crate (approx $20) and are the responsibility of the buyer. These will be added to the purchase price accordingly.  No markup is added to the shipping.

 GUARANTEE: Our cat or kitten (stated just as kitten from here-on) will come with up to date immunizations to include Rhino, Calici, and Pan-Leuc and when age appropriate, Rabies and Chlamydia vaccinations. All those needing out-of-state shipping will also come with a current written Health Certificate from a State certified Veterinarian obtained within 10 days of shipping the kitten to you. The buyer is still encouraged to have their own Vet verify the kitten's health status at the buyers expense within 7 days of the kittens’ arrival from Deer Fern Farms. If a major health problem is found within this time, seller will, upon receiving a written statement from the buyers’ Veterinarian explaining the problem and return receipt of the kitten, replace the kitten with one of equal value as soon as one becomes available. Seller is not responsible for any Veterinary or other bills incurred by the buyer in regards to this kitten or for any others that may come into contact with it once the kitten leaves Deer Fern Farms. There will be no replacement of a kitten that is injured after it leaves Deer Fern Farms (either accidentally or from fights or diseases carried by other animals that may come into contact with the kitten). We advise you to place the new kitten in quarantine during its first weeks in its new home, keeping it separate from other pets, small children, and non-family members until it is fully settled in. It is the responsibility of the buyer, at the buyer’s expense, to provide immediate Veterinary care to any kitten showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void.

It is the sellers right to have the kitten returned before the buyer receives a replacement. Should the buyer decide to keep the kitten in question, doing so releases the seller from any replacement responsibilities. Reselling or brokering of Deer Fern Farms kittens is forbidden and considered a breach of contract.

 Kittens Sold with Breeding Rites

We will only sell kittens with breeding rites to certified TICA registered Catteries.  If buying a kitten with breeding rites, the buyer certifies that they are a TICA registered cattery, registered under the following name:___________________________________________.

 Any attempt to deceive will be considered fraud. This includes providing a false identity when purchasing this kitten or failing to neuter a kitten by its 6 month of age if purchased as a Pet-only. Note fertility is strongly influenced by how the kitten is handled while maturing as well during the first few months post sexual maturity. As we have no control over those factors once the kitten leaves our home, we cannot and do not guarantee the fertility of any kitten sold with breeding rites. Breeding cats is not without risks and you should not attempt it without becoming well versed on the health needs of sexually active cats. Failure to do so can seriously jeopardize the health and life of your cat.  Note - Birth control drugs are strongly linked to future infertility. Do NOT use these if you plan to eventually breed your queen! That said, if a female kitten fails to produce live kittens for you by her second year of age and you have:  a) never used any birth control medications on her, and b) placed her with a proven fertile male no later than her second heat cycle and left her with him continuously thought 3 or more cycles, we will offer you a replacement kitten of equal value with full breeding rites at the Pet-Only pricing. Males that fail to conceive live kittens by their 3rd year and after being paired with at least 3 proven fertile queens through 2 consecutive heat cycles each can also be replaced with an equal quality kitten at the Pet-Only price.

Any kittens sold with breeding rites may only be bred to the buyers own cats and may not be lent or leased out to other breeders. We allow limited outside breedings (1 or 2) to help you obtain unrelated kittens back to further your breeding efforts but not to overly use a queen or stud when they should be retired. This kitten must reside solely at the buyers facility and any outside breedings must be done at the buyers facility.  Buyer agrees to neuter said kitten prior to re-homing it if re-homing occurs. No kitten purchased from Deer Fern Farms / Clouded Leopards may be re-homed unneutered or with its TICA paperwork allowing for breeding.


 Kittens Sold with Showing Rites

Kittens change dramatically as they mature and we cannot predict how they will finish out relative to the current show standards. Therefore we cannot and do not guarantee that any kitten purchased from Deer Fern Farms / Clouded Leopards with Showing rites will necessarily be successful in the show ring.  Still, if the buyer indicates prior to the purchase that they are primarily purchasing a kitten to show and finds a verifiable show disqualification fault in the kitten within 48 hours of receiving the kitten, we will refund the purchase price minus any shipping costs upon return of said kitten. While we strive to follow the Bengal breed standards in our breeding program, we select our breeders first and foremost for their ability to produce people-oriented, healthy, highly social, beautify kittens. 

Buyer agrees to pay any and all reasonable attorney/court fees incurred by the seller to settle disputes. All disputes regarding this contract are to be litigated in the sellers’ home state, county, and home town (Snohomish County, Arlington, Washington, 98223) and based upon the sellers’ home state laws.


 SELLER: ____________________________________                         DATE:


 BUYER:  ____________________________________                         DATE:






To consider receiving a kitten from us,  please e-mail  or call us  (360) 435- 2679 Pacific Standard Time.   We must access the suitability of any potential new homes before allowing any of our kittens to leave our home.  Once you're satisfied with one of our kittens and we're satisfied it is the right choice for both you and the kitten,  we accept payment by either money orders or Visa, Master Card, Discover and  Paypal (click on the Paypal banner link below and you'll end up in our payment link).   Please mail  money orders to:

Deer Fern Farms,
27610 Whitman Rd.,
Arlington, WA. 98223


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We are a TICA Registered Cattery.         

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